Key research areas of the Univeristy

1. Marine intelligent and automation systems

- Research and build intelligent antenna systems for marine applications

- Research and manufacture marine electronic and telecommunications systems and equipment for factories and shipbuilding companies in Vietnam

2. Materials and technology applied in marine – mechanical field

- Focus on technical research on metal materials and metal processing for marine and mechanical fields

- Study the structural nature of materials and the relationship between structure and material properties

3. Mechanics - Marine dynamics

- Research and application of Alternative Fuels (BIODIESEL, CNG, LNG) for diesel engines and ship boilers

- Research and develop standards and regulations on safety for water transport vehicles when using gaseous fuels

- Research and calculate the working cycle of Diesel engines and Hydrodynamics in propeller devices, heat transfer problems in ship equipment

- Research, design, manufacture and test automation equipment to control ship's propulsion system using hydro-pneumatic techniques with modern communication technology.

- Research the reasonable structure of the lifting machine, apply new calculation method and cold-formed thin steel material for the lifting machine.

- Research cargo handling equipment for lifting machines to meet modern loading and unloading requirements

- Research on an automatic system of loading and unloading container cargo for a dedicated port

4. Marine environment protection

- Research and apply a number of technological solutions to limit exhaust gas pollution from diesel engines and ship boilers to meet the standards according to Appendix VI/MARPOL

- Research a number of synchronous solutions (management, technology) to limit environmental pollution from ships in the port area and coastal waters

- Research, design, manufacture and test control devices for fueling of marine diesel engines in order to improve work quality and reduce environmental pollution;

5. Maritime Economy

- Research and propose solutions to build a green supply chain model in the North and the whole country

- Build an integrated multi-criteria decision-making model to effectively promote the network of logistics centers in a number of provinces and cities in the North and the whole country.

- Propose a logistics model connecting ports with economic zones by inland waterways in the North and the whole country

- Operation and management of seaports

- Logistics and supply chain.

6. Construction of waterways - seaports

- Conduct research on marine structures and continental shelf

- Carry out the tasks of researching and manufacturing physical modeling devices in hydraulic works

- Propose new structural solutions in hydraulic works

- Apply mathematical models to perform simulations in calculating hydraulic works

- Research and management of spatial landscape development planning, sea, islands, and coastal areas of Vietnam

- Research and apply information technology in planning and management of architectural works.

7. Shipbuilding - Floating works

            - Key laboratory project - ship model test tank for product research and commercialization

            - Development of new technology for building and repairing ships, high-performance ships, military ships of all kinds.

8. Maritime safety assurance field

- Research on technical measures to ensure maritime safety

- Research and apply advanced technical measures and technologies in surveying and making designs on land and under water

- Research on the interaction of floating structures and marine vehicles with the environment

- Analysis and assessment of marine risks and marine structures

- Research and propose measures to improve productivity and protect the environment in dredging, ...