The Dormitory of Vietnam Maritime University is entrusted with the task of managing and providing accommodation for all students in the university. Currently, the university has two dormitory complexes: C Dormitory and Quan Nam Dormitory.

C Dormitory is situated within the university campus, adjacent to the Lecture Hall and the Library. It consists of three buildings: C3 Building, which houses 59 rooms with 4-6 beds each; C4 Building, offering 50 rooms with 4-6 beds each; and C5 Building, providing 30 rooms with 2-4 beds each. The primary target group served by C Dormitory comprises Vietnamese students eligible for welfare policies, students from non-seafaring majors, and international exchange students from countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Angola, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, Mozambique, and others.

Quan Nam Dormitory consists of two buildings, each with five floors. totaling 140 rooms, and can accommodate around 1,100 resident students. It is located in a clean and spacious area on Ngô Kim Tài Street, Kênh Dương Ward, Lê Chân District, Hải Phòng.

The multi-purpose sports arena of Vietnam Maritime University was inaugurated and put into operation on September 21, 2017. It has a capacity of approximately 3,500 people. The arena covers an area of 2,400 square meters, spanning two floors with a height of 15.8 meters, width of 37.5 meters, and length of 54 meters. It is equipped with air conditioning, ventilation systems, LED screens, as well as sports facilities, roads, and technical infrastructure. Additionally, it is located within the sports complex of the University.


The university campus features a stadium with football, basketball, and volleyball fields, as well as a running track, catering well to outdoor sports activities.

There is also a standard swimming pool equipped with a modern water filtration system, serving the athletic and recreational needs of students and staff within the university.