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Why do you choose Vietnam Maritime University?

As a national key university we are always looking for ways to attract the best staff and students from all over the world to join our university. And we work hard to provide modern universities to support them.
It has world-class teaching and research support facilities, attracting the best staff and students. It has state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure and public spaces to make it a unique and welcoming destination to inspire employees, students and the local community. And continually strengthening our campus, we continue to enhance the Maritime University's reputation for staff and prospective students, for our alumni and for our country.
Our graduates have excellent career opportunities on land, at ports, and at sea.
Uniforms, beauty criteria & formation is a good thing! There are always some things in life (and in college) where the benefits are hard to see in the moment, but they become obvious when people enter their careers. Finally, everyone is dressed up and groomed in the workplace. VMU considers the campus "workplace", so students wear uniforms during the school day. In general, personal clothing is only good after the last class of the day.
All student internships for at least one summer. A dedicated employee works diligently to gather a large list of companies and organizations willing to provide different types of internship or collaboration and then work with students to match. Their internships are available with specific professional goals. Students returning from these experiences are more mature, more confident and able to "bridge" the remaining courses to real world needs.



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