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Opening Ceremony of the 17th IAMU AGA in Vietnam Maritime University

On October 28, 2016 Vietnam Maritime University(VMU) held the 17th Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU AGA) as well as the International Conference on Marine Science and Technology 2016 (ICMST).
After 12 years being a full member of the International Association of Maritime Universities since November 2004 in Tasmania, Australia, the Vietnam Maritime University is honored to host the 17th Annual General Assembly of the Association in Hai Phong City from October 26 until 29, where all presidents, experts, scientists of more than 60 members universities from all over the world to discuss recent progress and future trend in maritime education, training, research and other matters within the scope of IAMU.
IAMU was founded by seven universities representing the five continents of the world (Representative Universities) in November, 1999, with a shared recognition of significance of maritime education and training in the rapid globalization of the international shipping arena. Since then, IAMU has significantly expanded its membership, and now boasts 58 universities/academies/faculties of the world’s maritime education and training institutions, and The Nippon Foundation as its members, totaling 59 altogether.
The International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) is the global network of leading maritime universities providing Maritime Education and Training (MET) of seafarers for the global shipping industry. All members of IAMU share the understanding: that globalization has been progressing rapidly in the international shipping arena; that Safety, Security and Environmental Protection are crucial issues for the maritime sector; and that passing on maritime skills and knowledge to the following generations needs to be achieved on a global scale.
All members of IAMU also recognize the significance of maritime education and training and note that: the shipping industry is a service industry, in which human resources are the critical element; it is only feasible to secure and to preserve highly qualified human resources in the maritime industries through effective education and training; and effective education and training in the maritime sector derives from scientific and academic rigor and development of a clear link between practical skills, management techniques and a focus on quality. Based on this shared understanding, it has been mutually agreed to cooperate with each other in a range of scientific and academic studies, developments, and practical applications associated with Maritime Education and Training; endeavor to achieve measurable and worthwhile outcomes for Maritime Education and Training through IAMU activities; publicize the results of their activities as extensively as possible both within and outside IAMU, and shall endeavor to accumulate scientific results for the benefit of the international maritime community; and thereby contribute to the enhancement of Maritime Safety, Security and Environmental Protection.
The Theme of the AGA 17 is: working together “the key way to enhance the quality of maritime education, training and research.” And at the same time, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of our university, we are honored to host the International Conference on Marine Science and Technology 2016 where professor, experts, researchers from all universities, academies and institutions in Vietnam present their latest results of studies.
Spoke at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Cong, Deputy Minister of Transport for delivering his keynote speech. He said that VMU, the biggest institution of national transport industry, is key national university according to the decision of Prime Minister. The University has been involving in the international integration very early and obtaining significant achievement. VMU, outstanding 8 other universities, is horored to be elected to host the 17th Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime University 2016 (IAMU AGA 2016), including the President’s Forum, Technical sessions Student’s Forum, etc.
Besides, he also would appreciate the International Conference on Maritime Science and Technology 2016. This will creative great forum for more than 400 leading specialists, scientists in over the country to present the latest research result on science and technology, maritime safety and security, marine environment protection, etc.