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Scientific Research Activity

The scientific research activities have been recognized by VIMARU as one of the most important strategic tasks for enhancing the prestige and brand-name of the university to the socio-economic environment and national industry, promoting the position of the university in the trend of integration and globalization.
Recently, Vietnam Maritime University is actively enhancing the exchanges of materials, researchers and faculty members, joint-research with overseas maritime universities and academies, focusing on the fields of maritime science and technology, ship and floating structure building, sea-port development, shipping operation and management etc., which are vital matters of Vietnam’s industries.
The magazine of Maritime Science and Technology with other paper of VIMARU’s professors and lecturers have been regularly published and distributed widely in Vietnam and oversea. Many scientific researches of Vietnam Maritime University were published on the international magazines and journals and have been presented at international seminars and conferences such as ISME (International Seminar on Marine Engineering”), IMLA (International Maritime Lecturers Association Seminar), ACMSSR (The Asia Conference on Marine Simulator and Simulation Research), DMHSA & AJSPC (The Seminar on Developing Manpower and Human Resource for Seafarers in Asia & ASEAN-Japan Seafarers Policy Cooperation), etc.
The VIMARU products as its scientific research results have been recognized and certified by Class NK (Japan), and Bureau Veritas (France) for the world wide application.