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VMU Vocational College

Address: Hai Trieu Street, Quan Toan Ward, Hong Bang Ward, Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Telephone: 0225 3534 435 - Fax:0225 3534 436
President of CollegeAss.Prof., Dr.Dao Minh Quan
Vice President: Msc. Mai Van Xuan

Number of staff: 44, PhD: 2, M.Sc:15
* VMU Vocational College, a surbodinate unit of Vietnam Maritime University, was found on 25th November, 2002, with original name  Professional School of Shipbuilding Industry I.
* Enrolled first course on 26th December 2005.
* On 31st July 2006, was renamed Engineering and Shipbuilding Industry Operation College I.
* On 31st December 2007, Minister of Labor, War Invalids & Social Welfare signed Decision no. 1873 on establishing Vinashin Vocational College on the basis of upgrading Engineering and Shipbulding Industry  Operation College I.
* On 26th June 2013, Minister of Transport signed Decision no. 1799 on intact transfering Vinashin Vocational College into Ministry of Transport - Vietnam Maritime University.
* On 29th July 2013, Minister of Labor, War Invalids & Social Welfare signed Decision no. 1080/QĐ-BLĐTBXH on renaming VMU Vocational College.
- To train the college level majoring Shipbulding, Ship Crew & Officer, Economics,...
- To train the intermediate level majoring Shipbuilding Industry, foster and enhance skill level.
- To train professional competence for manager officers of unit members. To foster foreign languages, oriented education for foreign worker trainees.
- To associate with Univerisities and Colleges training Shipbuilding Industry Engineers.
- To train and enhance Welding Inspector Certificate in international standard.
In-use area : 2,6ha
Infrastructure : administrative building, 3 floors lecture-room buildingswith training flow of 2.000 students per day, 3 practice workshops (2 workshops are in operating with practicing flow of 800 students per day), dormitory, sport area for students.
Currently, the college has been assigned 9,2ha by the city to develop to VMU Technical Unviersity with training scale from 10.000 to 12.000 students per year.
VMU Vocational College students could live and study in safe and wholesome environment. Students who have good and excellent study result, all recieve valuable schoolarship every year. Students who graduate with good and excellent certificate, are all arranged to work in shipbuilding units with stable income. Students archive excellent skill in national level: 03, in municipal level : 06.
With motto : "Quality - Effect - Amity", Vietnam Infomation Technology Sector need to add 31.000 workers per year, includes 25.181 high qualified workers (College Level : 12.000 ; Vocational Secondary Level: 10.000, Vocational Primary Level : 3.181)
VMN Vocational College is tasked to invest in building, expanding facilities and area.
- To expand vocation training : Shipbuilding, Ship Crew &Officer , Economics,…
- To build Shipyard (for building 15.000 tons ships).  To carry out 5.500 tons ship building for practicing students.
- To establish water transportation fleet of the College with 5 ships, reach 30.000 - 40.000 gross wieght.
- To train hunman resources in high qualification, 12.000 - 15.000 students per year (expected in 2011-2015 schoolastic)
Advocate expanding co-operation with foreign partners in training, technology transfer, co-operation programs and projects.
♦ To despute teachers to study aboard in France, Korea, Japan, German and Malaysia.
♦ To plan to co-operate with DANIDA Denmark to build Welding Practicing Workship and grant international standard certification.
Number of entrance:  2000 students and trainees  per year
Major of education:
1. Navigation
2. Marine Engineering
3. Hull Production Technology
4. Marine Engine Repair
5. Welding
6. Accounting
7. Industrial Electrical
8. Marine Electrical Engineering
9. Piping production and assembly
10. Metal cutting 
11. Ship coating technology
12. Lifting machinery operation