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VINIC- The Company for Training, Labors Supply and Maritime Service Ltd.

Add: 484 Lach Tray street, Haiphong city, Vietnam 
Tel: +84.2253.829 289 - Fax: +84.2253.853590

VINIC was firstly founded as a joint venture company between the Vietnam Maritime University (70% charter capital) and the Nippon Steel Shipping Co., Ltd. (now as NS United Kaisha, Ltd) in September 1997, with the main business of training and improving the professions for the Vietnamese maritime officers and engineers as well as recruiting and manning seafarers for working on board Japanese and other foreign ship-owners.

Until now, with full supports and assistance given by the Vietnam Maritime University and Japanese partners, VINIC has been improved and developed to an independent and professional company and successfully focused on manning international-standard seafarers. The number of qualified maritime officers, engineers and ratings of VINIC is gradually increased year by year and especially all of them are highly appreciated by NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd., Nissen Kaiun Co., Ltd. and other foreign ship-owners. The management and quality assurance system of VINIC has been being strictly applied to all departments and staff concerned for guaranteeing the following compulsory criteria of all seafarers for meeting with all requirements of the ship-owners; well-educated, high competence, hardworking, good English, good attitude, good discipline, healthy and high loyalty.

In the near future, VINIC will intentionally expand its businesses in shipping agency, ship management, manning shore skillful labors.

VINIC would highly appreciate all great supports and kind assistance extended by all partners and authorities concerned for its successful achievement and do believe to continuously receive their cooperation and supports now and many years to come.