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Shipbuilding Science and Technology Institute (SSTI)

Address: 80B Tran Dung Dao street, Hoan Kiem Township, Ha Noi city
Telephone: (024) 942 1070 Fax: (024) 942 4672 
Email: Or
Organization and Personnel:
Dean of SSTI: Dr. Le Quoc Tien- VMU's Vice President
History of SSTI
Shipbuilding Science & Technology Institute (SSTI Holding) has undergone a long history of building and development, through different estabilishing stages and names such as:
-1959-1961 Designing section in Mechanic technical department under Land & water transport divison of Ministry of Transport & communication (MTC).
-1961 Ships & automobiles design department under the Mechanic division of MTC1970: Ships & automobile design sub-Institute under the Mechanic division of MTC.
1973 automobile design section disconected.
1975  ship design section in Ho Chi Minh city established.
-1980 Ship Research & design institute (SRDI) under MTC.
SDS in Ho Chi Minh city  becomed Ship design sub-institute (SDSI) in Ho Chi Minh city.
-1983 Research & design institute of Transport industry under MTC, established by reunifying the SRDI & Research Institute for Transport pulling power.
-1983 Research & design company of Transport Industry, from Decree No388 belonged to Vietnamese Scientific production Union for Shipbuilding.
-1996 A member of Vietnam shipbuilding industry Corporation (Vinashin).
-1998 Shipbuilding Science & Technology Institute (SSTI), belonged to Vinashin, under a Decision of Prime Minister & Minister of MTC  - SDSI in Ho Chi Minh city disconected.
- On March 24, 2014,  Shipbuilding Science & Technology Institute (SSTI) belonged to Vietnam Maritime University (VMU)
Towards the future
SSTI is the biggest specialized scientific and technological establishment in Vietnam with a staff of many high professional and skilled and experienced engineers. It has received investment from the State for technical and physical bases such as a model testing basin, laboratories, informatic soft-ware and and technological equipments, etc
Being a national specialzed scientific and technological institute, working under State's strategy and VIMARU's direction for the development of shipbuilding industry, SSTI has operated national wide in following:
Research & design of transport, floating & marine projects, meeting the ugent demand for development of national economy, sea's economy and defence.
Research the strategy for development and introduction of new technology for shipbuilding, speeding the growth rate of shipbuilding industry in terms of technology and production scales.
Apply widelly numerical technogy, fist of all , CAD/CAM, coordinate two kinds of expriment using mathematic and physic (including natural science model-ship testing) simulation. Model testing in basin, on open water and combine practice experiment on natural ship.
Step up science studies for designing of products to a high technial and economic standards; applying new technologies, materials and equipments, toward export of design projects.
Continuosly develop competent qualified staff on the basis of leading experts. Training for university and post graduates, and re-training for engineers.
Carrying out education spesialists for Vietnam and foreign countries.

Expand internatonal cooperation and integration regionally and internationally.
Continuosly strength of material-technical basic, innovate equipments to deserve biggest specialized scientific and technological establishment.
Noble Awards
- Resistance war oder, Second class
- Merited oder, Third class
- Labour oder, I-st, II-nd, III-rd class
- Ho Chi Minh named award for Science and technical studies: pilotless canoes to destory torpedos 
- Many other awards by the Goverment, MTC and Vinashin
- VIFOTECH prize for Car-passenger ferries driven 360o rotaring cone-jet 
- Golden medals for designed projects of cargo vessel 3500-4000T, 6300T, tug...