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School of Excellent Education - SEE

Address: Room 209, A4 building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street - Le Chan District - Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
School of Excellent Education (SEE) was officially established on September 27th 2017. SEE belongs to Vietnam Maritime University (VMU), which has the function of organizing and managing the High-quality and Selective educational programs of university, following the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the University; providing High-quality human resources and conducting scientific research cooperation.
Majors of High Quality Programs:
Maritime Business (Code: 7840104H401)
International Business (Code: 7340120H402)
Information Technology (Code: 7480201H114)
Industrial Electrical Engineering (Code: 7520216H105)
Majors of Selective Class (Teaching Language: English)
Navigation (Code: 7840106CH101)
Marine Engineering (Code: 7840106CH102)
1. Function
- Organize and manage the high quality training program of university level in according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the University's regulations;
- Organize and manage Selective Classes according to the University's regulations;
- Supply High-quality human resources and implement scientific research cooperation;
- Apply advanced management model to improve education quality for High-quality programs.
2. Main tasks
- Prepare and submit to the Principal for a decision to issue regulations on high quality formal education, policies for teachers and students;
- Coordinate with the Faculties/Institutes, Functional Departments: Opening new High-quality training programs following the requirements from the Ministry of Education and Training; Plan for module enrollment, teaching plan, schedule; organizing teaching, checking and monitoring the progress and quality of high quality classes and selected classes of the University; Develop training programs and facilities in the direction of standardization, enhance quality assurance conditions, meet social needs and international integration; Enhance the activities of trade unions and youth activities.
- Develop plans, organize the implementation of communication, recruitment counseling, promotion of enrollment,...
- Associate or coordinate with domestic and foreign training organizations and institutions to implement short-term training programs, organize training in foreign language, soft skills, informatics,... and issuing certificates of knowledge, professional, foreign language knowledge in the fields of science, technology, education, business and management.
- Organize extracurricular activities, professional internships, soft skills training for students; visit, practice, practice at organizations, businesses, companies, production facilities in or outside the country as planned.
- Organize or coordinate national and international conferences and seminars on contents of the Institute's activities; implement the plan of scientific research according to the program and the general plan of the school.
- Perform other tasks as assigned by the Principal.
3. Organization and Personnel
Dean: Assoc.Prof., Dr. Pham Ky Quang (Tel: 0983.232297)
Vice Dean: MIB. Hoang Ngoc My (Tel: 0989.658112)
- Academic Division: Room 209, A4 building (Tel: 0225.2299628)
- Finance Division: Room 213B, A4 building