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Post Education Institute

Address: Room 207 - A6 Building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street- Le Chan District- Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Telephone: 0225.3735.879
Organization and Personnel:
Head of Faculty: Ass.Prof., Dr. Nguyen Kim Phuong
Deputy Head: Ass.Prof., Dr. Nguyen Van Son
Number of staff: 8
History of Institute
Vietnam Maritime University comprehensive upgrade scheme in period 2010-2020 indentified the aim of building National Maritime University to become the leading high-quality resource training center in area for the directly maritime economy-related field and have influence from ASEAN countries to the continent in about 5-10 years in the following fields: Navigation, Ship Machinery Research and Development, Fleet Operation and Mạnagement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Port Management, Shipbuilding, Ship Design and Maintenance, Marine Safe, Hydraulic Engineering, Sea Environment Protection, etc…
The school plans to train a team of scientists, teachers to meet the intensive development requirements of quality and effective. Currently, with a team of prestigious scientists: 80 Professors, Associate Professors, Doctors of Science, Doctors and staffs, teachers are researching inside and outside the country, have been training Master and Doctor of Philosophy degree:
- Master degree: Started training in 1992 under Decision No. 1959/QĐ-BGDĐT dated September 21st 1992 of the Minister of Ministry of Education and Training, including 8 departments devided into 11 majors with stable admissions of 300 students per year. The number of students maintains at 700.
The training Master degree majors include 11 majors

1. Nautical science; Code: 60840106
Includes: 1.1.Maritime Safety;
              1.2. Navigation
2. Dynamic Mechanic Engineering; Code: 60520116
Includes: 2.1. Ship Operation and Maintenance;
              2.2. Shipbuilding Engineering (Shipbuilding Engineering 1; KTTT1)
              2.3. Ship Machinery and Equipment (Shipbuilding Engineering 2; KTT2)
3. Fleet Operation and Management; Code: 60840103
4. Automation & Control Engineering; Code: 60520216
5. Hydraulic and Shipbuilding Engineering; Code: 60580202
6. Electronics Engineering; Code: 60520203
7. Information Technology; Code: 60480201
8. Economics Management; Code: 60340410
- Doctor degree: Started training in 1995 under Decision No.314/QĐ-TTG dated May 24th 1995 of Prime Minister, including 5 departments with admissions of 15 Fellows per year.
1. Dynamic Mechanic Engineering; Code: 62520116
Includes: 1.1.Shipbuilding Engineering;
              1.2. Ship Operation and Maintenance;
              1.3. Ship Machinery and Equipment
2. Fleet Operation and Management; Code: 62840103
3. Nautical science; Code: 62840106
Includes: 3.1.Maritime Safety;
              3.2. Navigation
4. Automation & Control Engineering; Code: 62520216
5. Hydraulic and Shipbuilding Engineering; Code: 62580202
According to the development route approved in the project, in 2020, Vietnam Maritime University will have built up and opened 25 Master training majors, 12 Doctor of Philosophy degree training majors. The Master degree training student number per year will have increased to 900 and 85 for Fellow number per year.
Recently, Post Graduation Institute consists of 3 Associate Professors, 3 Doctors of Philosophy and Experts with Master degree and extensive experience in post-graduate training. The organizational structure consists of 1 Director, 2 Vice Directors and Experts.
Post Graduation Institute continues to expand, develop and promote training co-operation with other domestic training institutes and foreign ones.
- Training co-operation with foreign countries: Has co-operated in Master degree training in Shipbuilding Engineering with University of Liege, Belgium since 2007. The Institute is promoting to expand co-operation in Master and Doctor of Philosophy degree training in other majors with Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, Korea, etc.
- Domestic training co-operation: Over the years, in addition to Master degree training in 9 majors and 3 strong featured Doctor of Philosophy degree training majors of the University, Post Graduation Institute has co-operated in Master and Doctor of Philosophy degree training with many universities tightly, effectively, contributed to improve officials standard for Haiphong in particular and the country in general, such as:
- Architecture; Civil and Industry Construction majors with University of Civil Engineering;
- Economics and Development major with National Economics University;
- Economics - Finance - Banking majors with Academy of Finance;
- Information Systems major with University of Engineering and Technology - Hanoi National University;
- Economics, Automation majors with University of Communications and Transport, etc.
Post Graduation Institute was found under Decision no. No. 2575/QD-DHHH-TCCB of President of Vietnam Maritime University on the basis of Post Graduation Faculty with the following functions and tasks:
1. Functions:
Post Graduation Institute has the functions of advising the President of the University about Master and Doctor of Philosophy degree training organization, management and post-graduate fostering at Vietnam Maritime University according to current Post Graduation Regulation of Ministry of Education and Training.
2. Tasks:
2.1. Be responsible to the President for Master, Doctor of Philosophy degree training and post-graduate fostering quality management at the University.
2.2. Co-ordinate with other Departments, Faculties, Institutes of Science of the University to build training and post-graduate fostering plan and summit to the President to approve about:
+ The majors allowed by Ministry of Education and Training;
+ Train new majors;
+ Training co-operate with other Universities, Colleges, Institute inside and outside the country.
2.3. Draft management regulations of Master, Doctor of Philosophy degree training and post-graduate fostering at the University and summit to the President to approve.
2.4. Organize post-graduate and fellow enrollments, open fostering classes according to the current regulation of Ministry of Education and Training.
2.5. Build teaching plan, set schedule, organize to teach, test and track the training quality and progress of post-graduate classes of the University.
2.6. Handle all changes in fellows, students and post graduation training progress.
2.7. Propose necessary requirements and condition for teaching, studying and research of the fellows and post-graduate students.
2.8. Organize and manage the department activities in the fields related to the post-graduate training at the University.
2.9. Propose the President of the University about the plan of using post-graduate training fund.
2.10. Ensure post-graduate training and fostering information at the University.
Number of current post-graduate students
Msc. :  740
Ph.D.:  26
Joint education program: 21