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Mechanical Engineering Institute

Address: Room 709 - A6 Building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street- Le Chan District- Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Telephone: 0225.3829 245 - Fax: 0225.3735 684
Organization and Personnel:
Head of Institute: Prof., Dr., Dao Ngoc Bien
Deputy Head: Prof., Dr., Nguyen Duong Nam
Deputy Head: Dr., Nguyen Tien Dung
Number of staff: 55 ( Prof. & Ass. Prof.: 02,  PhD. & D.Sc: 10, Msc.: 38, Number of Students:  673)
Noble awards: Labour Medal Second class (2002), First Class (2007)
Mechanical Engineering Institute
Mechanical Engineering Institute has developed under solid groundwork and tradition with a team of dedicated, high-qualified and high-experienced lecturers.
Over the years, the Institute has trained generations of students who graduated, had stable jobs and has holding high positions in numbers of enterprises and companies.
The Institute researched a lot of scientific topics with highly applicable in reality.
The Institute always gives prominence the motto of improving education quality, building cultural quality to bring success to all families and society.
Students of the Institute after graduation will have high theory level and practical skills with ability to train themselves and raise the level. They will be able to work at shipping-related research, training, production and management agents (Registration, ship equipments design and manufacture companies, shipping companies, inspection companies, seaports,…) in the following fields:
- Principles design and ship dynamics system technology.
- Newly ships building advising and supervising.
- Advise shipowners in ship reparing and building plans.
- Test, establish ship equipments reparing and maintenance procedures.
- Design and install ship equipments - Research and deploy to receive and transfer shipbuilding technology.
- Manage and steer the manufacturing and participate in the production development projects construction.
1. Undergraduate level training in Shipping Machine and Stevedore Machine majors.
2. Postgraduate Master’s degree and Ph.D degree training in Ships Operator and Maintenance.
3. Scientific research, production workers and technology transfer to Shipbuilding Industry, Lifting Machine, Mechanical Engineering.
4. Part-time training system in all related majors.
5. Short-term system training for individuals and organizations as requested:
- Specialized courses, short-term courses training.
- Upgrade workers level training and fostering for enterprises, companies, factories.
- Training co-operate with foreign and domestic universities and colleges.
- Advising, design, technology transfer.
1. Handling and Lifting Machinery
2. Division of Heat and Refrigeration Engineering
3. Division of Automative Engineering
4. Division of Mechatronics
5. Division of Mechanical Engineering Technology
6. Division of Material Technology
7. Laboratory center for mechanical  practice
Typical teaching facilities: Classroom CAD / CAM and processing simulation, CNC milling machine CH-VM50, CNC lathe KNC-50G, toughness testing machine JBS-300, Laser scanner Comet L3D-8M, friction checking equipment for bearings HFN5 Journal friction Apparatus, drive system and hydraulic control 6080 / Labvolt, measurement and testing system of lifting mechinery Load System International (LSI), etc.
Duration4.5 years full-time (or part time equivalent) study
Your future in Mechanical Engineering: Expert of mechanical research institute;  Register;  Technical staff of ports, industrial factories, transport hubs;  Technical staff of the shipyards;  Designer on thermal, refrigeration and ventilation systems; Manager in mechanical and transport sectors.
Handling and Lifting Machinery
MOET code: D520103 ·
Major Code: D109 ·
Objectives: The major aims to educate the qualified engineers on design, manufacturing, repair, management and operation of handling  and lifting equipment matching the requirements of actual production.
Heat and Refrigeration Engineering
MOET code: D520103 ·
Major Code: D123 ·
Objectives: Students are provided with knowledge of basic design, technical design and production of HVACR system (Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning – Refrigeration), manufacturing process technology, engineering processes of manufacturing, assembly, repair and operation as well.
Automotive Engineering
MOET code: D520103 ·
Major Code: D122 ·
Objectives: The program supplies students with the understanding of mechanical engineering, electric-electronic engineering, control engineering, design, assembly, repair and maintenance of cars and special road vehicles.
MOET code: D520103 ·
Major Code: D117 ·
Objectives: It focuses on providing students with knowledge on technical design, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of mechatronics elements and systems, automatic control chain. 
Mechanical Engineering
MOET code: D520103 ·
Major Code: D116 ·
Objectives: The major aims to provide students with the technical design knowledge and manufacturing & assembling process of machine elements, machinery and mechanical systems.