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International School of Education

Address: Room 105 - A5 Building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street- Le Chan District- Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Telephone:  0225-3261999. Fax: 0225-3261889
Organization and Personnel:
Dean of ISE: Dr. Nguyen Minh Duc
Number of staff: 7
Founded in 2012, the ISE takes the responsibility for organization and management of join-education projects with foreign countries; importing advanced education programs; supporting abroad studying students and exchanged international students; supplying high- quality human resources and implementing collaborative scientific research. The international standards qualified classroom system is certified by the California Maritime Academy, USA
Functions and Assignments:
- Organize and implement coordinated training programs of tertiary and post graduate education signed by the University or the School (when authorized by the University) with other universities and overseas educational organizations
- Manage the Advanced Education Program at VIMARU.
- Enhance foreign language competence and prepare human resources to meet requirements of international education cooperation programs.
- Cooperate with domestic and international education institutions to organize professional short-term courses and in the fields of science and technology, education and training business and management and issue course certificates.
- Cooperate with concerned units to organize domestic and international seminars and conferences on the fields and activities managed by the School.
- Consult and propose solutions on the matters arisen from social and economic development demands which are under the Institude’s responsibilities.
- Offer abroad study consultancy. 
1) Global study and Maritime affairs
Duration: 4.5 years full-time (or part time equivalent) study ·
MOET code: D520320 ·
Major Code: D115 ·
Objectives: This program imported from California Maritime Academy focuses on providing students with knowledge of maritime policy in the globalized environment, business policies in maritime trade, international relations, public policy, and maritime business administration.
2) International Business and Logistics
Duration: 4.5 years full-time (or part time equivalent) study ·
MOET code: D520320 ·
Major Code: D115 ·
Objectives: Students are provided with understanding on logistics operation, business and management; logistics supply chain design and construction; customer's demand forecast; analysis and logistics planning for enterprises.