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Faculty of Shipbuilding Technology

Address: Room 605 - A6 Building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street- Le Chan District- Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Telephone: 0225.3625 595
Organization and Personnel:
Head of Faculty: Ass.Prof., Dr. Do Quang Khai
Deputy Head: Ass.Prof., Dr. Tran Ngoc Tu

Deputy Head: Dr. Le Thanh Binh
Number of staff: 40 (Prof. & Ass. Prof.: 01, Ph.D & D.Sc: 04, MSc.: 31)
Number of Students: 382
1. Division of Naval Architecture
2. Division of Construction of ship and floating objects
3. Division of Ship design Automation
Faculty is a basis administrative unit of the University which help President of the University organize the training process of the majors in the assigned fields according to general training plan. Faculty also manages its official staffs, lecturers and students as devolved by the President.
- Manage and organize the training process, studying and teaching plans (including non-official training system) according to the University general plan: 4 undergraduate majors management and organization: Hull Design, Shipbuilding Technology, Ship Machinery Design and Repair, Loading and Unloading Mechanization.
- Manage and organize the teaching of the Faculty subjects, co-ordinate with other units to train the Faculty majors related subjects for other Departments, Faculties of the University.
- Be responsible for designing ending module exams.
- Co-ordinate to build plan and implement training, enhanced foster professional and qualification for lecturers and officer staffs of the Faculty.
- Manage and organize the scientific research, practicing and production for officer staffs, lecturers and students.
- Comprehensive manage office staffs, lecturers and students  of the Faculty, organize the Faculty bureau work, setting schedules, manage student marks. Co-ordinate with the Training Division and Student Affairs Division make a list of students permitted in exams, examine the curriculum, modules and graduation exam.
- Compile programs and textbooks for modules of Departments which are managed by the Faculty and the ones who are related to Faculty profession.
- Manage entire Faculty infrastructures and equipments by the University. 
Noble awards: Labour Medal Second class (2002), First Class (2007)
Major of education: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Ship Production and Offshore Engineering
1) Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Duration: 4.5 years full-time (or part time equivalent) study ·
MOET code: D520122 ·
Major Code: D107 ·
Your future in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering :Expert of naval architecture and ocean research institutes; Designer of shipyards; Register;
Objectives: Students are educated with sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of ship design and offshore, such as: Calculating, designing all types vessels and offshore structure; Calculating materials, man power and cost of shipbuilding and offshore structure; Applying modern methods and specialized software effectivity for ship design and offshore technology
2) Ship Production and Offshore Engineering
Duration: 4.5 years full-time (or part time equivalent) study ·
MOET code: D520122 ·
Major Code: D108 ·
Your future in Ship Production and Offshore Engineering: Technical staff of shipyards; Register, supervisors; Manager of inland vehicles and offshore constructions
Objectives: The major aims to educate the qualified engineers on production design, supervision, building, repairing for ship and offshore structure aided by applied software, capability of development and application of new technologies to improve productivity and product quality.