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Faculty of Maritime Business

Address: Room 110 - A4 Building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street- Le Chan District- Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Telephone: 0225. 3735 353 - Fax: 0225. 3625 175
Organization and Personnel:
Head of Faculty: Prof., Dr., Dang Cong Xuong
Deputy Head: Dr. Pham Viet Hung
Deputy Head: Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hong
Teaching staff:    88 (Prof. & Ass. Prof.: 02, PhD. & D.Sc: 07, Msc.: 56)
Number of Students:   2.598
Faculty of Maritime Business - Vietnam Maritime University has undergone 50 years of growing up and development. By tireless efforts of many teachers and students generations, Faculty of Maritime Business has constantly become stronger, created high prestige in training activities for business and society, positively contributed to teaching and research of Vietnam Maritime University. Many students generations graduated from Faculty of Maritime Business have played important roles in governmental organizations, promoted their roles and abilities in various fields, actively contributed to the construction and development of our country.
Found date: November 15th1962
According to the Decision no. 3187/QĐ-ĐHHHVN dated December 25th 2013 of President of Vietnam Maritime University, Faculty of Maritime Business was offically renamed Faculty of Economics in September 9th 2013.
- In 1992, Vietnamese Government presented Labour Medals Third class on the occasion of 30th anniversary of Faculty establishment.
- In 1997, Vietnamese Government presented Labour Medal Second class on the occasion of 35th anniversary of Faculty establishment.
- In 2002, Vietnamese Government presented Labour Medal First class on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Faculty establishment.
- In 2004, Vietnamese Ministry of Transport presented Certificate of Merit for achievements in science and technology in 1999-2004 period.
- In 2012, Vietnamese Prime Minister presented Certificate of Merit on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Faculty establishment.
1. Division of Basic Economics 
2. Division of Maritime Business 
3. Division of International Business 
4. Division of Maritime Affairs 
5. Division of Inland Waterway Business 
6. Division of Logistics
Typical teaching facilities: International standard classroom system certified by the California Maritime Academy (USA).
Duration: 4 years full-time (or part time equivalent) study
Your future in Maritime Business: Transport, warehouse manager; Fleets manager; Staff working at forwarding, import and export sectors; Researchers and Policymakers
1) Maritime Business
MOET code: D840104 
Major Code: D401 
Teaching languages:  Vietnamese and English
Objectives: Students are provided with knowledge of shipping market, business, developing target, operational efficiency, legal regime of territorial waters and the general regulations of maritime activities.
2) International Business
MOET code: D340120 
Major Code: D402 
Teaching languages:  Vietnamese and English 
Objectives: The program provides students with the knowledge of the business of foreign trade, customs and state management of import and export activities, preparing business contract, service supply contract, the issues concerning to foreign investment.
3) Inland Waterway Business
MOET code: D340120
Major Code: D402 
Objectives: Students are provided with knowledge of market, business, developing target, operational efficiency in inland waterway transport; general information of ports, port operations and management; bill; basic knowledge related to the legal regime of inland waterway transport business.
4) Logistics
MOET code: D840104
Major Code: D407
Objectives: In this major, students are educated with professional knowledge of logistics, freight market, sea port, port management and operation based on logistics system, business affairs of shipping, shipping documents in sea, road, railway and multi-modal transport, etc.
* Other fields:
- Scientific research
- Participate in building projects in production business and training, retraining managers of organizations in maritime business sector in Hai Phong, Quang Ninh,…