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Faculty of Information Technology

Address: Room 301 - A4 Building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street- Le Chan District- Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Telephone0225.3735725 / Hotline: 0903.436805
Organization and Personnel:
Head of Faculty: Dr. Nguyen Huu Tuan ( Tel: 0912.421122, Email:
Deputy Head: Dr. Nguyen Duy Truong Giang (Email:
Deputy Head: Dr. Nguyen Trung Duc ( Tel: 0904.224828, Email:

Teaching staff: 35 ( Ph.D & D.Sc:  08, MSc.: 18)
Number of Students: 1,250
History of Faculty
Being awared the important and necessary of the information technology to the Haiphong;s development, Information Technology Center of Vietnam Maritime University was established in 17th, September, 1996 according to the 785/TCCB- LD Decision with the following functions: Educate Information Technology major at college level
Until 18th, December, 1997, Information Technology Center was upgrated to Faculty of Information Technology with the following functions:
Educate unofficial undergraduate Information Technology major
Educate Information Technology major at college level
Lecturing two subjects: General Informatics and Applied Informatics for university
After the establishment, faculty of Information Technology has put effort in:
Recuit more staffs from good graduated students and send staffs to study Master, Doctor to strengthen teaching staff.
Build up and make changes educating programs, encourage teachers to make lesson plen, syllabus.
Purchase equipments, develop  and upgrate labs
Research, make technology transfer contracts, software design contracts, offer services relating to Informatics
Take care of physical and metal life of
Improve the way of managing the department
Help the university’s principal to manage university at administrative level to carry out the training process of all majors and manage lecturers, students, staffs.
- Manage and organize the training process, lecturing  and studying plan (including unofficial training system) according to university’s plan: manage and organize one undergraduate major: Information Tecnology.
- In charge of final exam’s content
- Improve the quality of faculty’s lecturers and staffs
- Manage and support for staffs, lecturers and students to carry research.
- Manage the timetable, students’ mark, training process, cooperate with other sectors to check students’ conditions to take exams
- Make the syllabus, lesson plan for subjects within Faculty of Information Technology and related subjects of other Faculties.
- Manage all faculty’sfacilities
- Division of Computer Engineering
- Division of General Computer Science
- Division of Computer Science
- Division of Information System
- Division of Communication & Computer networks
Typical teaching facilities: 06 software labs, 03 network labs, etc.
1) Software Engineering:
MOET code: D480201 
Major Code: D118
Objectives: It provides students with professional knowledge in the fields of software technology, analysis and inspection, function and interface design, programming and testing of software, installation and maintenance, project management in the social-economic sectors.
2) Communication & Computer Networks
MOET code: D480201 ·
Major Code: D119 ·
Objectives: Students are educated with the abilities on analysis, designing, installation and management of computer networks and data communications, network services, technical applications of multimedia, digital communications in the united computer networks.
3) Information Technology:
MOET code: D480201 
Major Code: D114 
Teaching languages: Vietnamese and English 
It focuses on providing students with professional knowledge in the fields of information technology including inspection, analysis and designing, installation, implementation and maintenance.