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Faculty of Financial Management

Address: Room 122 - A4 Building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street- Le Chan District- Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Tel: 0225.3735 353
Head of Faculty: Ass.Dr. Vu Tru Phi (Tel: 0989.242282)
Deputy Head: Ass.Dr. Do Thi Mai Thom (Tel: 0982396395)
Deputy Head: Dr. Mai Khac Thanh (Tel: 0912238569)
Teaching staff: 34 (Prof. & Ass. Prof.: 01, PhD. & D.Sc: 03, Msc.: 27)
Number of Students:   1.350
Divisions: Division of Business Administration, Division of Accounting and Auditing, Division of Finance and Banking
Duration: 4 years full-time (or part time equivalent) study
Your future in Financial Management: Transport, warehouse manager; Staff in the field of forwarding, import and export; Accountant; Researchers and Policymakers;
1, Business Administration
MOET code: D340101
Major Code: D403
Objectives: It provides knowledge of marketing information system, administration, relationships between sections of business plan and strategy in the enterprises, planning method and management of investment projects, production management and prediction methods on product consumption of enterprise.
2, Accounting & Financial Management
MOET code: D340101
Major Code: D404
Objectives: The major aims to educate qualified graduates on financial accounting, management accounting, bank accounting, auditing, financial management of enterprise, legal regime of state financial management, accounting, tax and tax management, internal and foreign trade, business administration.