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Faculty of Electrical - Electronic Engineering

Address: Room 809 - A6 Building - N.484 - Lach Tray Street- Le Chan District- Hai Phong City - Viet Nam
Telephone: (0225)-3735 683
Organization and Personnel:
Head of Faculty: Ass.Prof., Dr. Tran Anh Dung (Email:, Tel: 0313602036)
Deputy Head: Ass.Prof., Dr.Vuong Duc Phuc (Email:, Tel: 0912940255 )
Deputy Head: Ass.Prof., Dr. Hoang Duc Tuan (Email:, Tel: 0919632328)
Number of staff: 60 (Prof. & Ass. Prof.: 05, PhD. & D.Sc: 15, Msc.:  41)
Number of Students:    1.553
1.Division of Electric Transmission
2.Division of Automation System
3.Division of Industrial Electrical System
4.Division of Electronics and Telecommunication
History of Faculty
During 50 years of construction, growth and development, by constantly growing in number and standardized-quality teaching staff with large-scale modern facilities and diversity training majors, Faculty of Electrical - Electronic Engineering is always a training center with prestigious position in society in various fields, particularly in maritime industry.
Every year, the Faculty trains hundred of full-time students and part-time students. Most students have jobs after graduation, they are present in all regions of the country, engrossed in work and contribute to the construction and development of the country. Many students who are high-professional technicians, are playing important roles in Central and local organizations as well as the economy key sectors.
The achievements of the Faculty are due to relentless efforts of many teachers and students generations; attention and close guidance of University Board of Management; the proper orientation of the Faculty leaders through times. Motto “Learner-centered, education quality is top priority” has been being lodestar of all Faculty activities.
The outstanding achievements of the Faculty are shown in these following tasks and work:
1. Teaching, training and student management:
* Functions and tasks:
Faculty of Electrical - Electronic Engineering is assigned by the University to train both undergraduate and postgraduate including:
Undergraduate training for 3 majors: Marine Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Automation of Electric Power system.
Master/Postgraduate training for 2 majors: Automation and Electronic Engineering.
* Teaching and student management:
Managing 25 undergraduate classes with 1.542 students.
Managing 05 postgraduate classes with 96 students.
Training 11 part-time classes in major Industrial Auto-electrical Engineering with 431 students.
Training 02 inter-classes from College to University in major Industrial Auto-electrical Engineering with 97 students.
In addition, the Faculty participates in several undergraduate and inter-classes of other Departments of the University.
* Training and coaching:
Participating in training Marine officers: Basic and enhance safety for crews according to the requirements of International Convention STCW 78/95.
Special training for crews: RADAR/ARPA Simulation, GMDSS…
* Training scale:
The Faculty has trained: nearly 4.400 engineers, 160 masters, 400 Electric chiefs and officers.
The Faculty comprehensively innovated training programs for 3 undergraduate majors, 1 inter major, 2 postgraduate majors and is completing documents to receive training task in major Automation in compliance with the new situation of our country.
Building new training marine electrical officers program according to the Convention STCW 78/2010, preparing to teach and train Electric officer classes to serve Vietnam Sea Transport section.
2. Development orientation of the Faculty in the future
To meet the social needs of high-quality human resources training, enhancing scientific research and technology transfer capacity, the Faculty proposed development orientation in the future as follows:
- Open some undergraduate training majors: Electrical System, Measurement and Control Engineering, Marine Technology and Engineering…
- Extend enrollment scale in Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Inter and Part-time training.
- Deploy Doctor training in major Automation from 2013-2014 school year.
- Deploy Electric officer training according to the Convention STCW 78/2010 to serve Vietnam Sea Transport section from 2013-2014 school year.
- Continue to promote the construction and development of the teaching staff to have good virtuous character, high academic qualification, professional sound, advanced foreign language level to meet the requirements in the new situation.
- Improve scientific research ability of teachers and students in direction of science and reality connection, developed new academic direction to keep pace with science and technology changes in the region and all over the world.
- Maintain and strengthen traditional relationship with production establishments, companies, shipyards to implement technology transfer projects; expand working area not only in shipbuilding industry but also in others on shore industries.
Major of education Marine Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Automation of Electric Power system
1) Marine Electrical Engineering
MOET code: D520216 ·
Major Code: D103 ·
Language: Vietnamese and English ·
Objectives: The major provides student with knowledge in the research, design, installation, repair and operation of marine electrical automation control system, automation operated in factories and industrial enterprises.
2) Industrial Electrical Engineering
MOET code: D520216 ·
Major Code: D105 ·
Objectives: Students are provided with specialized knowledge of the power supply system and the automation system production operation of industrial enterprises, such as: power supply system, electrical control system, working skills in the electrical factories as well as the industrial automation project.
3) Electronics and Telecommunications
MOET code: D520216 ·
Major Code: D104 ·
Objectives: The major aims to educate qualified engineers who are capable of operation, maitenance, design and research on electronics and telecommunications systems, especically in marine electronics and telecomminications system.
4) Automation of Electric Power system
MOET code: D520216 ·
Major Code: D121 ·
Objectives: As completion of this program, students master knowledge of the electrical distribution and transmission system, analog and digital electronic circuits, power electronic, electric transmission equipment for industrial, automatic control systems of industrial electrical, measurement systems and power system protection, services and public system, PLC system, microcontrollers, mini SCADA, etc.