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VMU President's message

As established on April 1, 1956 at initial scale of vocational school, Vietnam Maritime University (VMU) has been being assigned the task to educate and train maritime experts, scientists providing to the national sea-ward economy. As of a rich history of 62 years, the University has made great contributions to the transportation industry, national economy and defense. The University has been producing over 40,000 graduates; 35,000 maritime officers and seafarers working for the national sea-ward economy. Many of them are playing important roles at governmental organizations, enterprises, etc. operating in the national economics. For its worthy contributions and achievements, the Vietnamese Government has granted noble awards to the University such as: President Ho Chi Minh Medal; Hero of the People's Armed Forces; Labour Hero in Renewal Process; the first, second and third Independence Medals, etc.
Nowadays, the University is educating 42 undergraduate majors, 13 majors at master level and 7 majors at doctorate level with the total number of more than 15,000 diversified students; 982 lecturers and administrative staffs, in which, there are 48 Professors/Ass. Professors, 138 D.Sc. & Ph.D, 608 MSc., hundred of Captains and Chief Engineering and qualified maritime officers and seafarers.
In the coming years, according to the current situation of social – economic development and the need of national security and defense, the University sets the target of “being the center of scientific research and technical transfer of the country and the region for implementing successfully the national sea strategy”. Thanks to great supports and assistance of the Vietnamese Government, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education and Training, the authorities concerned and Haiphong city's leaders and people, and also the efforts of all generation of professors, lecturers, graduates and students, Vietnam Maritime University has been completing successfully noble mission entrusted by the Vietnamese Government.

People's Teacher, Prof.,Dr., Ch/E. Lương Công Nhớ- President of VMU